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Sell your home and buy your next one together while saving thousands.

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Match with buyers and new homes that fit your needs, timeframe and price range.



Sell your home when your new offer gets accepted or both sides line up.

For homeowners who need to sell want to move

Get into your next home in one easy, seamless process.

You often think about a more suitable home. But you can't pay the crazy commission—interrupt your busy life—or risk ending up without a home for some fairytale! You're stuck between a rock and a hard place; we're here to help!

Affordable costs

Save tens of thousands on your next move. That's up to 4X when compared with traditional methods.

Eliminate risk

Ensure you don't get priced out of a rising market or missing out on your next home if you sell.

Bypass friction

Skip the hassle of "going on the market" and directly tap into market opportunities without commitment.

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Move to your next home with certainty

Ensure you end up in the home you want. Each step in the process provides you with the transparency and certainty you need to keep moving forward—we're here to guide you through every step.

Precise Budgeting

Get the precise market value of your home with a single tap and an accurate budget with each match, so you know exactly where you stand. Ain't nobody got time for guesswork!

Unlimited Matches

Finding the right next home is not something to be rushed. Take as long as you need with unlimited matches to get to your "Aha!" moment.

About the platform


On $1M Home
Average Cost SAVINGS

60 days

To your next home
Average time to Move

3 - 6

Average Matches per week

20 hours

Or more
Average time Savings

1% success fee

Free to use

Only pay a 1% success fee when you sell. That means continue to match with buyers and new homes until your swap lines up.
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Tap into the market with zero friction or commitment

Gain instant entry to the market without jumping through any hoops to "get in". Access on and off-market opportunities at all times and get a deal done directly from your devices.

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What is Passingdoor?

Passingdoor is the revolutionary real estate matching platform built for homeowners and buyers. We exist to help you easily find and move to your best home without the burden of "going on the market". We bring the marketplace directly to your devices so you can connect freely with each other.

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Who is Passingdoor made for?

Our ideal customers are curious homeowners who don't "need" to sell their home but want to live in a better home and get there on their own terms. And we help all buyers get into their next home.

Is Passingdoor a real estate agent/agency?

No. We are the platform that match buyers and sellers directly.

Is Passingdoor just another private listing website, then?

We empower you to sell privately, but we are not another private listing portal. We're the platform that streamlines both your buying and selling experience into one seamless journey. Our purpose is to help you get into your next home in the easiest way possible, and we won't settle for anything less!

Is it free to use Passingdoor?

Yes. Our platform is free to use for as long as you like. We only charge a 1% success fee once you’ve sold your home.

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1% fee seems too good to be true—what’s the catch?

There is no catch whatsoever. We firmly believe people should live in the home that's best for them, and getting there (selling your current home) shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Our technology makes it possible for us to reduce costs drastically while adding more value for our customers. There is no need to charge anywhere near what agents charge you—and we're proud of that!

When is the 1% success fee payable?

Our success fee is only payable once the home you’re selling goes unconditional. You don’t need to pay anything before then. So what are you waiting for?

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