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Test the market, sell directly to buyers, and save thousands in fees.

List your home in minutes, not weeks

Passingdoor's selling platform helps you put your home in front of qualified buyers in minutes with no contract or commitment.

Test the market freely with privacy

Freely explore your home sale. With no days on market, price history, or shared address your home stays fresh in the eyes of buyers.

Sell on your terms, save up to 80%

You're in control of your home sale. When you’re ready, sell directly to a qualified buyer on Passingdoor and save thousands in fees.

Why customers choose Passingdoor

We're at the stage where we don't want to commit the time and go through the hassle of selling on the market, doing open homes and the back-and-forth with agents. Passingdoor allowed us to tap into serious buyers; we were blown away at how easy it was to list and sell using them.

Samantha and Greg C.
Sold with Passingdoor - Auckland, New Zealand

We have wanted to move homes for several years but could never justify the costs involved with commissions and the time we needed to set aside while raising two young kids. So we decided to try Passingdoor with no real expectations and ended up selling and buying our new home in six weeks!

Tony and Anita H.
Sold and Bought with Passingdoor - North Shore, Auckland

Selling our home was such a smooth experience. We put our home up in a few minutes without going through an agent. We received three offers in the first week and sold for $50K more than we wanted a week later. Since the sale, we have been raving about Passingdoor to all our friends.

Harinder and Sarika S.
Sold with Passingdoor - Auckland, New Zealand

The smarter choice

Traditional process

Sell on your terms for 1%

Realtime market demand

No upfront costs

No contracts or commitment

No shared address

No days on market

Selling and buying? We make that easy

Need financing?

Get pre-qualified or refinance your mortgage to achieve your homeownership goals. Our mortgage partners are here to help you as part of the selling and buying process.

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