A world where everyone has the freedom to move seamlessly

Buying and selling is too expensive and difficult—we're changing that.

Our mission is to empower you to live in your best home

We're reinventing life's most important transaction by making moving homes easy, affordable and seamless. We believe everyone deserves to have the best quality of life, and that where we live plays a critical role in our happiness. Far too often, the costs and stress of buying and selling get in the way of living a better life. Whether you're taking a new job, getting married, or starting a family, we'll help you find your perfect home.

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Customer-centric belief system

We've experienced the problem first-hand, so we understand how costly and stressful moving homes is. That's why everything we do is driven by our mission to help you live in your best home.

Kiwi startup with global ambitions

We're an Auckland-based startup with a vision to reinvent the way people buy and sell homes around the world.

Startmate alumni NZ20 cohort

Backed by the most prestigious and ambitious startup community in Australia and New Zealand.