Frequently Asked Questions


What is Passingdoor?
What are off-market homes?
Where does Passingdoor operate?
If I use an agent, can I still use Passingdoor?


Will there be new features and updates?
How do I get product support?
How are my private details protected?


Is the platform free to use?
How does the success fee work?
Why do I pay 1% each time I buy or sell?
What happens if an agent sells my home?


How does Passingdoor help me to move to a better home?
I haven't made my mind up about selling. Can I still use Passingdoor?
I'm ready to make an offer. What should I do?
Do I need a real estate agent to use Passingdoor?
Do you offer mortgages or other third-party services?


How do I visit a home with Passingdoor?
How do I make an offer on an Passingdoor home?
What happens if need a mortgage?
What if I need to buy and sell at the same time?

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