Never juggle two transactions again

Buy your new home and sell your current one at the same time.

Live in your ideal home

Whether it's getting married, starting a family, taking a new job or simply making a life change, there are times when we need to move homes.

But that's easier said than done when traditional methods leave us juggling two transactions with limited time—making it a complex, risky and daunting task.

That's where we come in. The Passingdoor platform helps you buy your new home and sell your current home simultaneously. Our passive and simple approach empowers you to start your journey early and easily. So you are well prepared ahead of time when you want to move, instead of when you need to.
3 to 6 Months

Set your terms

Match based on your requirements, timeframe and budget. Close on your terms.
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Move at your pace

Start early and take as much time as you need. No pressure or pushy sales tactics.
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Deal in privacy

Whether you are simply testing the market or serious about moving—do it in private.

Buy and sell homes with more certainty

The experience that puts homeowners first

Save time and energy. Skip the stress and hassle of going on the market.
Save money. Lower fees compared to traditional agency commission.
Zero upfront costs. No marketing fees or unnecessary additional costs.
Reduce risks. Avoid double moves, missing out on your new home or getting priced out of the market.
Complete flexibility. No listing agreements or lock-in periods.
Minimal disruptions. No open homes. Flexible viewings on your schedule.
Personalised to you. Qualified homes and buyers that match your needs.
You're in control. Complete privacy and transparency throughout the process.

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