Selling or buying your home should take days, not months.

But today, real estate is often a complex and daunting journey, filled with stressful timelines, enormous costs, and many uncertainties.

As a seller, you spend thousands listing your home without being able to test the market first. And often have to juggle selling and buying at the same time, crossing your fingers that your timelines and budgets line up.

As a buyer, you're constantly on the lookout, showing up at countless open homes, price guessing, and getting into bidding wars.

It's expensive and stressful for everyone. Getting into your dream home can sometimes feel like a nightmare. And it's time we rebuilt the experience from the foundation.

Passingdoor's marketplace changes all of that—giving sellers and buyers more flexibility and certainty. So people can freely move to their ideal homes—anywhere, anytime.

It's the all-in-one place for real estate

Open marketplace

Sellers list on their terms. Buyers find homes that match their needs. And everyone talks and transacts directly.

One smooth process

A smooth, transparent experience from start to close. With all services integrated into one seamless process.

Join us in building the future of buying and selling, today.